Reasons and Examples of Using Neutral Paint Color for Living Room

One of the most popular color schemes for home interior is neutral color. Neutral means without color or with undertones of color. There are several colors categorized as neutral, such as white, black, gray, ivory, taupe, beige and brown.

One of the most common applications is the neutral paint colors for living room. Then, the wall paint should also match the furniture and accessories coloring.

Good Warm Neutral Paint Colors for Living Room

There are some reasons of applying some good neutral paint colors for living room. First, neutral tones can show off the textures and furnishings. Because the background, wall painting is in neutral tones, some elements are gently displayed.


Best Neutral Living Room Paint Colors Ideas

Your pieces of furniture, accessories and decorations can appear clearly. These elements will create the texture. Second, neutral tones feel relaxing. It welcomes everyone coming to your home. This tone makes you warmly sit and talk together with the family and guests.

The third reason is in relation to current trend of home interior. Colorful accents are accepted and even recommended for contemporary interior. Fortunately, neutral colors are familiar with any other colors. You can match the white or any neutral tone with red, blue, green, etc. for furnishing and decorating.

The last reason is that neutral is friendly with any style. For your contemporary living room, you can complete it with modern, traditional, rustic, retro, and some other touches. You can also design a casual or formal living room with warm neutral paint colors for living room.

Best Neutral Paint Colors Ideas for Living Room

We also have some examples of best neutral paint colors for living room. The most popular wall painting for contemporary living room is in combination of gray and white. These colors can be matched both vertically and horizontally. Gray wall painting with white wall panels and white doors and windows is a good example. It works nicely with gray sofas, armchairs, and rug. Colorful floral pillows work together with colorful flowers on white side table. Then, another neutral color, black is employed for coffee table.


Good Warm Neutral Living Room Paint Colors

Contrast black and white color was so popular for modern living room. This color combination makes a drama in your living room décor. Combining these contrast color seems to be easy, however you need to have a deep flair of creating the best collaboration.

Commonly, white comes as the dominant color and some black accents are added to balance and to decorate the white tone. It can be for decorative trim or it can also cover a wall when the other walls are in white. Then, the furnishing should be also dominated in white. Black accents are for the accessories.

Those gray-white and black-white combinations are so popular, indeed. However, there are still some other colors that you can try for your living room. You can have the neutral paint ideas for living room to create a calming atmosphere. For this purpose, you need to apply some soft colors, such as rain cloud gray beige or khaki.

Of course, in taking this color, you need to firstly consider the colors of the furniture and accessories that you have. It does not look as sleek as white, but it can be as subtle as white. Those soft colors seem to be better if they are applied individually without being combined with other color painting tone.

Then, if you intend to go bold with neutral tones, there are other choices to take. Chocolate brown will be great. It can cover all the walls and let the windows and doors in softer or lighter color. Another option to take is the slate gray. Both of these colors can work by themselves without any more colors added for the wall painting. However, some combinations with the lighter colors can also create something interesting.

There are some other considerations to take in completing your neutral paint colors for living room. Of course, a great painting is also supported with alluring surrounding. Then, you should also learn about adding living room furniture and accessories.

Remember the design principles of using neutral colors. Because neutral colors can work nicely with some pattern and texture, organize well the use of fabrics, window treatments, wood grains, wall coverings and many more. The last simple idea is testing your color patterns using home interior design tool or consult with home interior professional.

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