Living Room Table Sets with 4 Favorite Table Types

Designing a living room feels incomplete without the presence of a table. As a sweetener, coffee table also comes as favorite option table that has been attracted many people. Because of its popularity as a living room table, innovation and ideas on coffee table decoration is also growing rapidly. Coffee table that is always present in living room table sets can be varied with other furniture very easily. Recognize also other table types completed with decoration ideas.

Know More about Living Room Table Sets

Coaster Fine Furniture 3-Piece Coffee Table and End Table Set

As it is already known, the coffee table is a kind of low table which is placed in front of the sofa. Some designs of this table have storage for storing magazines, newspapers, and other books. Table sets for living room usually does not consist only of a coffee table. There are several other types of living room table sets like side table or accent table, end table and console table. A side table is placed around the couch as the name implied. It is not only to be put in the living room but also in bedroom.

Monarch Specialties Cappuccino 3-Piece Table Set

Moreover, end table is usually combined with a coffee table as one package named 3 piece living room table sets. In living room table sets, end table has a similar function to the side table that is located on the side or at the end of bigger furniture like sofa and chaise. End table also has a smaller surface than the coffee table. Last type, console table, it is usually called as entryway table that has a largest size among the previous tables. It is usually placed separately i.e. near a wall or behind a sofa that aims as a place to display the collection and storage.

Cheap Living Room Table Sets for Sale

To search for the category of cheap living room table sets, we can look for the lowest price of all four types of the table in IKEA. LACK side table comes with the cheapest price that is only $9.99. It has simplest form among other side tables in the site. This one of living room table sets is easy to assemble and available in various colors. LINDVED side table which can also function as an end table costs $19.99. It has a beautiful round shape to put a vase. Next, LACK coffee table at a price of $24.99. It is simple to be separate shelf for magazine. LACK console table costs $59.00 will be the most expensive among all types of table because of its larger size.

Kings Brand Furniture 3 Piece Beveled Glass

The construction and surface of the four kinds of table can be divided into wood, acrylic, glass, rattan, metal, marble and leather. Of many types of the surfaces, glass table sets for living room looks different and be one of favorite materials. Glass table top of living room table sets is identical with the impression of a modern, sleek, and classy. So do not be surprised if many people like it. In addition, spacious impression and water and scratch resistance also makes the glass table more special.

Glass table can be combined with other materials. It is flexible as the surface of wood, metal, and rattan. In order to look fabulous, there is a way to decorate it. For example, add few books as its low base. Since the surface is transparent, the colorful covers of the book can be seen clearly. Create gradations of color by arranging them neatly in the table storage to be the best living room table sets.

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