Examples of Best Paint Colors for Living Room: Which Meets Your Needs

Sometimes, you may find it is difficult to build the best color scheme for your living room. Building certain color scheme is not simply applying best paint colors for living room. It is about the excellent combination of the room painting with some other elements, including the living room furniture, accessories, decorations, and so on. A simple mistake that is commonly done by homeowners is that they paint the room first and then complete the room with those elements. You should avoid this.

Best Neutral Paint Color For a Living Room Walls

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Padding your best paint color for living room walls should be after you complete your living room with sofa, seating, table, rug, pillow, curtains, flower and many more. Those elements will give significant support to the living room color scheme. Compared to applying wall painting, buying and adding those elements is far more expensive. Thus, you should not have those elements in accordance to the wall painting that you want, but you should take one of possibilities of the best paint colors for a living room based on those elements.

Another benefit of implementing wall painting is that in the following months or years, you can simply add living room interior redesign or renovation by playing the wall painting. Without adding new elements, you can have something new in your living room. Of course, the color painting should be based on the furniture and elements that you already add in the living room. There are some examples of the best color painting for living room walls here. You can grab some of them to be implemented now and the following plans.

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For calm nuance, you can apply the best neutral paint colors for living room. Brown is one of the most favorite neutral colors that you can apply if you have a cream or and wood furnishing. Brown wall painting also can match the wooden flooring and some wood accents on the ceiling such as ceiling beams. Cark chocolate wall painting looks also so impressive to match the white window frame, cream shades for table or floor lamps and lighter brown rug.

The Best Gray Paint Color for Living Room

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For contemporary living room, another neutral painting can be represented with grey. This can be implemented if you have several white furnishing and black accents. The best gray paint colors for living room commonly represent white and black accents combination. With the support of bright natural lighting, the interior will look so impressive. Some bold colors can also be added, such as colorful pillows decorating the white sofas. Mostly, the wall painting is not in a pure grey coloring, but white or black touches are added for decorative trim.

Similar to gray, greige and beige can be a great solution. Greige is a nice made up color and frequently used to represent elegant look. Soft grey combined with beige and white marble always shows a luxury look. If you think that grey is too cold, it is a good solution to take. Beige color when punctuated with some other neutral tones will look so soothing. This matches light wood accents for the flooring and white accents for the ceiling, door and window frames. Living room with this color is commonly in formal interior design.

The Best Paint Colors for Living Room

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White painting is a timeless option. It is popular for modern and minimalist living room. Pure white painting represents airy and breezy nuance, moreover when it is supported with ample windows providing bright lighting. White is also a good idea for small living room. This makes the room feel larger. Then, it is friendly enough to blend with some other colors.

Some bold accents are usually implemented for the living room accessories, such as rug, curtain and pillows. If you plan for colors combination for the wall painting, white can be combined with any colors. However, to create a warm and cozy feel, yellow is better and for fresh atmosphere, blue is perfect.

Black comes surprising for wall painting, especially for living room. It is rarely used. At least, it is added to build a focal point by creating a contrast look. On the other hand, black is actually elegant. It is fine to cover the walls in pure white. If you have grey furniture and white accents in your living room, black can be one of the best paint colors for living room. It is also a great idea for a whimsical and different look.

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