Contemporary Living Room Sets for a Truly Stylish and Trendy Space

When it comes to the furniture design style that has the urban look and appeal for your living room, then the contemporary living room sets surely is the one to go. The modern design style has its unique characteristics that set it apart from others, such as traditional furniture design style that looks to be a total opposite from the contemporary one. Today, we will show you not only the stylish living room sets in this design style, but also discuss some main features to help you identify.

Fantastic Contemporary Living Room Sets

Coaster Home Furnishings 3-Piece Contemporary Living Room Set Black

Unlike the traditional furniture sets, the contemporary living room sets you are interested in are born of the most modern styles like Bauhaus as well as post-modern design movement. As the modern living room furniture is an offshoot of the contemporary design, it tends to feature the softer lines in addition to the deeper upholstery compared to its parent styles. You can also identify the contemporary living room furniture sets from the prominent features often incorporated into the design. The soft edges and clean lines are most likely the most recognized design features found in the contemporary furniture style.

With the modern living room sets, the design for the chair arms and legs are way simple compared to those of the traditional counterparts. With the contemporary sofa sets for a living room, such elements are either round or square. The choice of fabrics used for upholstery can be one solid color, but it can also feature a subtle pattern.

As for the table, you can observe from the contemporary living room furniture ideas that it often features only a little ornate carvings. If there are any mosaic patterns, they are typically geometric. Meanwhile, the upholstered furniture pieces are usually low to the ground and feature squared arms. As for the backs, they can be tufted with large buttons covered in fabric.

Contemporary Living Room Interiors

Ashley Contemporary Slated Square Living Room End Table

Is there a way to identify the contemporary living room sets based on its time frame? Well, typically the styles that range from the art deco to the post-modern can be considered contemporary, especially when they’re compared to the traditional styles. Even so, concerning furniture, it can be slightly different.

When it comes to the contemporary living room sets, whatever that came after the modern styles of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s are known to be contemporary. Throughout years, they are now suppler and less sleek in appearance especially when they are being compared to the ones of the earlier styles.

Roundhill Furniture Laredo 2-Toned Sofa and Loveseat Living Room Set

At the end, when you are in the market for new furniture sets to complement your living room interior design, remember that there are various important factors to consider. While the look is also important, always think about function and comfort first.

It is especially true since your living room is mostly performed to accommodate various purposes, so your choice of contemporary living room sets should not make the space less functional. Think about the size of the room, floor plan and furniture layout, your needs and lifestyle, and of course your budget.

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