Build Your Gathering Spot with These Popular Living Room Paint Colors

Can you count how many colors available in this world? There are so many and you can’t mention them one by one. All of them can be implemented for home interior. However, there are only several colors that are popularly used. Especially for living room, here are some popular living room paint colors to see. They can be blue, green, red, yellow, grey, beige and white.

If you plan to have a relaxing interior, blue can be one of the solutions, especially the sky blue tone. This soft color is usually matched with white accents and light wood. White is for the ceiling and furnishing, while the light wood is for the flooring.

The Popular Paint Colors for A Living Room

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This color is good for both vintage and modern interior. It works best for the coastal or beach themed interior. Navy blue is another popular tone to take. This can create a fresh ambience of the interior. If you have dark grey sofa, navy blue is a good color option to take for the wall painting. Consider to combine with white panels and accents for the window frames and wall shelving.

To add warm atmosphere, green is a good color to take. It is rarely used to cover the entire walls, indeed. However, green is frequently added to create a wall accent and focal point. There are lots of options to take to add green touch, from the light to the dark green. They are good to match white and wood accent.

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White furnishing will look great to work with the green wall. Light wood is for the flooring and furnishing. Besides wood, brown color tones are also good enough to replace the wood accent. If you have the furniture in white and brown and need to have a warm gathering, then green is a perfect tone for the wall painting.

Similar to the green, red is not to be implemented in the whole wall parts. Red is famous to create a romantic nuance. Another benefit of applying red wall painting is to create a dramatic look. This can build something surprising with the neutral furnishing. If you have brown sofa and rug, you can apply red painting for one or two walls. Then, for the other walls, you can apply brown or blue accents. Consider adding another red touch for the pillows or lamp shade.

The Most Popular Living Room Paint Colors

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For a warm and cozy living room, combining yellow and grey is a good idea to take. Yellow can be the dominating color and the grey is used for the grey trim and decorative accent. This colors paint can match your white living room furniture, such as seating and table. Yellow is also categorized as one of the trickiest paint colors. This can also cover the walls with white decorative trims added. Yellow is great to make the room brighter. Then, combine it some elements in grey or beige.

Today, one of the most popular living room paint colors is grey. It works for the whole rooms in the house and is also good for the living room. To balance the hot summer, grey is a good solution because it can make the room feels fresher. For the complete color scheme, grey is matched with white and black. Again, if you also have white living room furniture, grey wall painting can be better to create an airy room. Black accents are usually added to complete the interior decor.

White is Popular Living Room Colors

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Another similar to grey painting, beige is a good solution. Beige is also one of the popular interior paint colors living room. To create the color scheme, beige is also combined with white accent. This is another way to create a neutral interior. With the addition of some wood accents which can be for flooring, furnishing and ceiling, the room with beige painted wall feels so relaxing. You should not think about adding multicolor painting for the walls. A single beige color is great and completed with some white accents for the windows and door.

Then, the last one of popular living room paint colors is white. White is timeless and suitable for the classic, modern and contemporary interior. To meet the contemporary requirement, white should be combined with some bright color tones. The walls are in pure white painting and the furniture also may be in pure white. White sofa with colorful pillows is perfect for white contemporary living room.

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